July 2016 - The Singing Bone

The Singing Bone by Jimmy Tigani

Revisiting, revising and reworking

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I’m still not sure if my persistence in revisiting older drawings is constructive, but once again I felt the need to revise this drawing in the hopes of making it closer to what I hoped to achieve. I finally came to the point where I could create a ‘first draft’ of this part of the comic, and in doing so, I quickly realized that when the drawings were combined together, the overall effect was confusing and producing a very busy composition. Revising this piece was an important part of adjusting the tone going forward and achieving a more desirable overall effect.

The colour is now being used to set up the tone of the image which is more ominous and further highlights Simpleton’s obliviousness to the ugliness that surrounds him. Simpleton’s face is not as goofy-looking in over-committing to the scene. Instead of treating all of the areas of the piece with the same emphasis, the tones are now more controlled in the hopes of focusing the action of the story and moving it forward.