September 2016 - The Singing Bone

Close to finishing

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After working on the Singing Bone very hard for the past few months, I’m happy to say that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for the first poster (or mini comic) that I have been working on depicting Simpleton’s confrontation with the wild boar. I have mixed feelings about the future… I anticipate excitedly the freedom I will gain (like possibly moving away from vector driven art) but I also have some reservations about making changes that would depart drastically from what I have already created. One thing is for sure is that once I am done with this phase, I will probably enter a period of considering various approaches going forward. I doubted myself along the way a lot, but I’m glad that I seem to be on my way to finishing what I started.

I think my drawing for the last panel was a reaction to an early draft that I mocked up of the whole story that I had compiled so far. The grid that is created by the rectangle drawings was starting to feel a bit rigid. I wanted to end this part of the story with the same ‘openness’ as I started it, and I decided to get rid of the border around the drawing. also, I am growing attracted to black, and I liked how the darkness felt like it was swallowing the subject of the piece, almost fading away. Instead of having Simpleton present the boar’s head to his brother as I had originally done, I decided to leave their part of the story off with a little cliffhanger as to what Simpleton might be starring at.