February 2018 - The Singing Bone

Which one am I after all?

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How do you move on and genuinely forgive someone when the person who has hurt you has never apologized, shown regret, or even shown awareness that they’ve done you wrong? How can you heal from a profound betrayal where the person shows no remorse for what they have done to you? This question has haunted me for years. It’s a hurt that I never understood how to heal from.

When I originally started on the Singing Bone, I saw myself as the younger sibling who was killed by his brother. I was the victim. As time went on, I discovered that the lines have become blurred. In actuality, was I the one who failed my friend? Despite his bad choices, was he ill and in need of help? Instead of understanding the complexities of the situation, I ran away because I was afraid. I casted my friend out, just like the evil brother in the Singing Bone, because he hurt me. For me, Simpleton dies a symbolic death as he is simply cast out of the evil brothers’ realm of consciousness. This repression comes back to haunt him, but not before he comes to understand the path he needs to take to heal from his wounds.

So what is the answer as to how to forgive? To answer ‘love’ would feel incomplete. The only answer I could come up with is empathy. Seeing that you are part of others and they are part of you. So many things can factor into the choices we make. The potential for anything is in all of us, at any moment, depending on so many external and internal factors. Maybe it’s more about a coming to a certain understanding than forgiving. Of course, time plays a role as well. At the end of the story, I hope to have the ‘evil’ brother shaved by the king’s soldiers before his torture only to reveal that he physically resembles the very person that he killed and disregarded.