The Beginning

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I first started working on the Singing Bone in the summer of 2009. It has been a love and hate relationship ever since. I remember first drawing the main character of Simpleton late one night when I was very tired in my apartment in Cote St-Luc. My first instinct was to wait until the next day when I would hopefully be more awake but I’m glad that I went through with it anyway. Some of my better drawings came when I was most tired. I was quite happy with at the time but I’ve been feeling shy about showing these early sketches ever since.

I was inspired by the naive and puppet-like quality of the characters in Henri Rousseau’s paintings. Portraits and realism always came easier for me but I struggled with ‘cartoon-like’ work. yet, for some reason, I always gravitated back to comics. The subtlety that lends itself well to realism does not work so much when applied to comics, at least, not the way I applied it. I was also clearly still in my shell and carried a lot of insecurity in regards to the quality of my drawings at that time as I had spent the years prior not focusing that much on illustration at all and focusing more on my graphic design career.

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