Doing justice to my hand drawing?

I am a huge fan of Herge. I could look at his drawings for hours and I admire his line work so much. Despite my admiration in the quality of a hand drawn work, I chose to redraw my work in Illustrator. There are a lot of reasons for this. I was not always very confidant about my drawing ability in doing cartoon-like work. I also felt attracted to the ‘artificial’ and ‘plastic’ attributes that the drawings gained by doing them in Illustrator and the contrasts it created when applying that style to more serious subject matter.

In addition to this, I feel that I struggle with perfection… By no means am I implying that my line work is perfect, but it is the ‘perception’ that I am achieving the best, smoothest and boldest line possible that provides me with comfort. I need too redefine my understanding of “the best line possible”. This is something that I need to work on within myself, especially as my confidence continues to grow the more I draw. Perhaps I can address this in a future instalment of the story, after the part that I am presently working on with Simpleton killing the Boar. Maybe I could align myself with the ‘evil brother’ and my visual approach can parallel is his own false projection. As a friend o mine once said, through the Singing Bone, it is as though I gradually sought to remove my ‘self’ from the equation. An amazing observation that still echoes in me all of these years later… The project cannot be finished until I address that, though a deeper understanding and acceptance.

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