The issue with color

My biggest challenge since starting to draw the Singing Bone story has been trying to figure out the best way to colour the illustrations. In honesty, I have spent very little time trying to figure out the colours in comparison to the time I spent drawing the various scenes and characters. Part of it might be that I am more curious about drawing and I take more pleasure from developing that aspect of the illustrations.

If I choose not to spend more time considering my colours, perhaps I should make less bold choices. I think I have improved in this regard with time, but perhaps there is more that I could do to make the colours less distracting. I see a lot of people today using colours very boldly and effectively and I might have allowed myself to get pulled into that approach without fully understanding my choices. I also feel that my use of bold colours can be a bit of a distraction from the narrative and atmosphere. I was looking at some old Lucky Luke comics the other day and really admired Morris’ use of colour. Some scenes could have several characters in them but he could colour them all in a flat red, simply and quickly. I like that. Since my lines tend to be a bit agitated, perhaps I could use my colours to offer a contrast and as a means to rest and focus the eye, instead of agitating it further. I think that once I finish the illustrations for the first part o the story, and I see them all together, I will go back and adjust the colours keeping in mind the overall effect.

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