Captain Haddock and the Singing Bone

Again, Herge has been an inspiration for me in my approach to the Singing Bone. What can I say about this beautiful panel that he drew? So much talent. I’m almost shy to put my work next to it, but I simply wanted to illustrate a point. The idea of duplicating a character within an image to show movement is something he did beautifully, and I figured what better place to use that device than the climactic moment when Simpleton kills the Wild Boar? I initially drew Simpleton in a way that was much closer in appearance to the Haddock in the panel above but it did not work. Simpleton needed to stab while haddock was swinging. Also, it felt as though I was borrowing too much and forgetting the essence of what I was trying to do. Still, the birth of my approach for Simpleton came from seeing this panel for the ‘Secret of the Unicorn’.

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